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SUMMER SALE, SALE END 9-30-2015!!! AT-3 Elite, Beautiful Metallic Blue Color - International Version

AT-3 Elite Blue- World's First ATC, ADC & Jigging Reel -International Version
AT-3 Elite Blue- World's First ATC, ADC & Jigging Reel -International Version
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Product Description

Command AT-3 Elite Blue

When the fish is hooked, sensors send signals to the computer. The screen displays the Drag Power and the Pulling Power of the fish in action. The new AT-3Elite analyzes the optimum drag and speed to challenge the catch. This is the newest way of fishing and lot’s of fun.
Features of AT-3Elite reels.
• Setup Programmable Drag and Strike Zone to maximize the fishing fight. Keep your attention to fight the fish.
• Jigging with Customize Setup Program: Starting position, Jerk length, Pause time, and Jigging Length. The Jigging function is the most effective way to attract the fish.
• [Depth Memory] to recall your last drop. The bait will sink down to the same spot every time until you reprogram.
• [Clutch ON / OFF] is quickest way to release the spool by pressing the switch, but still keeps the same previous drag tension.
• [AUTO WIND] : Automatically winds the line until the counter reaches “000”.
Reel Size: 22x15x12 cm. 4/0 8.4”(W)x 5.9”(L)x 4.6”(H)
Max. Hoisting Power 50 kg. 110 lb Momentum(No line)
Max. Drag 20 ~ 30 kg. 44 ~ 66 lb.
Line Capacity 400 m of 37 kg or 440 yd of 80 lb. braided MDS 0.37 mm dis. line line
Reel weight 1.8 kg 4 lb
Current Consumption 2.6 ~ 15 A.H. DC 12 volt
Miya Epoch Electric Fishing Reel the World's First Automatic Drag, Tension Controls and Customize Jigging in a Small Powerful Reel. All of features and specifications are same as AT-3 Elite Gold, Blue, White and Red color.