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The Most Powerful Handheld Computerized Fishing Reel with the World's First Automatic Tension Control(ATC) System, Optional Wireless Remote Control -US.Version

Command X-50/US-50/US-50R - Optional Wireless Remote Control - US.Version
Command X-50/US-50/US-50R - Optional Wireless Remote Control - US.Version
Item# command-x50US
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Product Description

It is so powerful that you can bring in a 1000 lbs. fish in no time. The newly developed automatic tension control system works perfectly well with your catch to keep the drag in right tension so the fish has less chance to break the line or unhook. Another great feature is the quick spool releasing lever. This one touch spool releasing lever releases the line quickly back in action, but still keeps the same previous drag tension.

With the full command system, powerful moter, a new airtight drag system, manual overide handle and heavy-duty body construction, this reel is the ultimate fishing machine. So, take the challenge with this Command X-50 reel for unexpected large catches! Optional Wireless Remote Control is available.


Operates by D.C. 24 volt only

Reel Size: 15/0 13"(W) X 11"(L) X 8"(H)

Reel Weight: 33 lbs

Max. Drag: 176 lbs

Winding Speed: 0 ~ 300 rpm(No load)

Hoisting Power: 95 ~ 286 lbs

Line Capacity: 2,000 yds. 180 lbs 0.74 mm diameter line

Current Consumption: 0.7 ~ 18 AH, D.C.24 volt only