Miya Epoch Electric Fishing Reels-The Pioneer of Electric and Electronic Fishing Reels.
AT-5 ZZ 12 volt, ATC, 64 kg.
Command X-7 IT Special - International /US.Version,
CX-6GT w/ Up-ward Jigging
Power Cords, Owner's Manuals, Flash Capsules, Reels
3 M Power Cord for CX-2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15, 20 reels
5 M or 15 ft long Power Cord for large reels
A new CX-8 GT with Jigging function, Fishing depth to 1,800 ft. Internationa US version
All Teaser Reels
AT-3 Elite Jigging Reel(Technotren Special)
AT-3 Elite Blue Jigging Reel- US. Version
AT-3 Elite Red Jigging Reel- US. Version
AT-3 Elite White Jigging Reel- US.Version
AT-3 X Powerful reel - US.Version
AT-3 Z Special- US. Version
AT-3 ZZ. 12 volt Jig-up reel
AT3 Series
Automatic Jigging Reels
Command US-9SP, ATC System, International US version
Command X-4/Z Pro- Lightweight, All-Purpose Reel - International US.Version,
Command X-50/US-50/US-50R - Optional Wireless Remote Control - US.Version
CX-20 Jigging Reel-US. Version OR CX-20SP with ATC system
CX-4 R Remote Control Reel- US. Version
CX-6 GT PRO Kite & Teaser Reel
CX-7 Z 12 volt reel
CX-7 Z All-Purpose Reel - US.Version
CX-8 GT Jigging Reel-US.Version
CX-9 HD Jigging Reel- US. Version
CX-9 HDR 1 C-6 or Wireless Remote Control Reel 12 v or 24 v. - US. Version
CZ-15 Powerful reel
CZ-20 Professional reel
CZ-30 Professional reel
English Owner's manual for AT-3 series
Flash Capsule DX-Depth to 2000 ft
Flash Capsule Pro - Depth to 2,000 ft
Kite & Special Teaser reels
Owner's Manual for CX-4 ~ CX-6 series
Owner's Manual for CX-8 & larger series
Owner's Manual for CX-4, 6 "Click here"
Owner's Manual for CX-7 Series "Click here"
Owner's Manual for CX-8,9,10,15,20,30 Series
Powerful CX-9HD with modified CX-15 motor, Jigging function. International US version Introductory Sale Price
Product Specification
Remote Control C-6
Remote Control Reels
Remote Control System
Remote Controller C-6 or C-7
Small KITE and Teaser reel, US-6 w/ Up-ward Jigging
Special Sales-US.Version
Specification for CX-4,6,7 and 8 Series"Click here"
Specifications for CX-9,10,15,20,30 and 50 series "Click here"
Specifications for Mini-Winch and Teaser Reels
Summer SALE, Command X-7 Z, Most powerful in the CX-7 Series - International US Version.
Super AT-5 Elite with Full Jigging
Super US - 18 Teaser and Dredges
Super US - 29 Tuna Special
Super US - 39
Super US-15 Jigging Reel OR Super US-15 SP ATC No Jigging----- Order made US. Version
Super US-15 SP w/ modified 30's motor, 12 volt
Super US-15R/US-20R With Optional Type R1, C-7 or Type 3 Wireless Remote Control
Super US-29 ATC & Jigging reel
Super US-8 Midsize Teaser Reel
Super US-9 HD Most Powerful Reel in the 9 series
Super US-9, HI- Powerful Teaser Reel
Super US-9HD White casing w/ modified 15's motor
SUS-15 SP With modified CX-30's motor and ATC System
SUS-9HDR Type C-6 7-Commands, 45 ft. Hard Cord Remote Control D.C. 12 volt
SUS-9HDR Type-3 With Deluxe Wireless Remote Control
Teaser Real Specifications
Teaser Reels
Type 3 Deluxe Cordless Remote Control-5 commands
Type C-7 Remote Control
US-15 SP Super- Powerful 24 volt reel-US.Version
US-50 SP Most Powerful Reel - US. Version
US-6 D.C. 24 volt, Smallest Teaser reel
US-9 SP SUPER with ATC system