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SUMMER SALE END 9-30-2018 ---Powerful Mid Size Bottom or Trolling Reel, Fishing Depth to 1,600 ft.- International / US.Version,

 Command X-7 IT Special - International /US.Version,
Command X-7 IT Special - International /US.Version,
Item# command-x7itSp
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Product Description

This CX-7 IT Special reel has a ATC syatem and single drag plate to maximize the drag power. A new super perm magnet motor help fight the catch. Great for all purpose fishing from light to medium fishing. Excellent from charter boats, party boats, or even from the back of your own boat! We made this reel simple to operate so you can keep your eye on the fish and not on the reel.

Model No. Command X-7S (CX-7S).

Reel Size: 7/0.

Dimensions: 8.5"(W) x 7.4"(L) x 4.5"(H).

Weight: Approx. 7.3 lbs.

Max. Drag: 100 lbs.

Winding Speed:(No Load) 0 ~ 400 rpm (up to 480 ft=155m/min).

Hoisting power:(max. momentum) 40 ~ 80 lbs (12V), 40 ~ 100 lbs(24V).

Line capacity: (Miya Deep Sensor line) 900 yds. of 110 lbs. 0.57 mm diameter line.

Current consumption: 1.4 ~ 20 AH D.C. (12 V), 0.7 ~ 14AH(24V).

All of specifications are subject to change without prior notice.