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CZ-20 Professional reel
CZ-20 Professional reel
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Product Description

A newly developed ATC system hoisting power from 110 ~ 240 lbs. Hold 1100 yds of 170 lb. braided MDS 0.80 mm dia. line. 12 volt reel. Optional D.C. 24 volt. With the Automatic Drag control(ATC) system the motor will adjust speed and strength at that drag setting insuring that a steady tension is kept. If the fish pulls hard the motor will slow down or even stop till the tension is eased off, then it will speed back up. It is suited for soft mouth fishes without the worry of ripping the hook out. And also it will use less battery power, while normal Electric reels tend to increase amp and drain the batteries when reel starts to slow down due to large fish fighting.


Reel Size: 11/0.

Dimensions: 9"(W) x 8.5"(L) x 6"(H).

Weight: 9.2 lbs.

Max. Drag: 105 lbs.

Winding Speed: Variable 0~360rpm (No Load).

Hoisting power: D.C. 12 volt, Max 140 lbs. Momentum (No Line). 24 volt, Max 240 lbs.

Line capacity: (Miya Deep Senser line) 1500 yds. of 110 lbs. 0.57 mm diameter line

Current consumption: 1.4 ~ 20 AH (12V).

Includes 9 feet power cord with two alligator clamps.
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